The Chameleon


Today was it: the final hours of my BSN are complete. 1000 hours in and it is done. I am in utter shock and disbelief at how quickly it has gone by. Especially my hours here in the Netherlands. Buurtzorg made me a gift basket to say goodbye and all of my clients wished me well. So this final blog written in Nijmegen is for you all.

Now, I can’t list you all by name for your own privacy but I hope you can tell which one you are! Maikel, help them out here.

  • My dear! You have healed so well in the past few weeks and it always made me smile waking you up each morning. You manage to keep your head up, even with everything that has happened in the past two years. You are strong, inspiring, and I wish you well.
  • Beautiful! You may have children that are as old as my parents but your youthful smile hid any sense of age. I wish you and your son well and thank you so much for the chocolate bar. ALS is a difficult disease but I know you will find strength to help your loved ones through it all. But take care of yourself too 🙂
  • My favourite couple! I adored listening to your stories, even if I heard some of them a couple times. It was such a relief each day having a conversation with you both in English and I know how hard that can be to translate, so thank you. I’m looking forward to sending cards to you and I wish all the best.
  • Oxygen! I swear I was just there to cheer you on, you did it all. I hope your appointment went well and that you can get a portable tank. Your beauty and kind heart made me feel so welcome, and I thank you for that.
  • With the flag in your front yard! I’m sorry we did not get a proper goodbye but I hope you receive the results and a treatment. You reminded me of my grandfather and I enjoyed the laughter you brought, even in some rocky times.

To my preceptor who deemed me the Chameleon, that is exactly why I included two pictures. I swear that’s still me in both! Your jokes and flexibility made me feel at ease in internship. You believed in me and allowed me to take care of my own clients after the first week and even though I didn’t think I was ready, you somehow knew deep down that I was. Thank you for instilling confidence into me and always greeting me with “Hello nurse!”. We are graduating at the same time and I wish you well in the future! Thank you for showing me what home care is holistically and translating Dutch to English for over 250 hours.

To Buurtzorg, thank you for allowing me to do my internship with you. I did not get to work with all of you but each of you were so unique in the way you took care of clients and it all worked well. I’ll make sure to bring the Flag back with me and hang it up! This is Rachel, signing off from the Netherlands. Next stop, America.


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