The Art of Nursing

“Nursing is caring and caring is nursing” by some author in a textbook from my first semester of nursing school. To all of my classmates, do you remember reading this single phrase over 60 times in the same book? In my eyes, it was the first moment we all bonded as a cohort and it was over something so simple. As graduation gets closer and more realistic, I can’t help but reflect back on this and how true that statement has come to be.

As mentioned, I am in a home health clinical and in this, I do not get to do as many hardcore “nursing skills”. In this, I mean the things that makes nursing look freaking awesome. The IV’s, the catheters, blood draws, critically thinking in the moment to save someones life: the things that have been drilled into my head and the things that make me feel, well, awesome when I get to do them. Home health, especially home health in a different country, isn’t focused on those skills. People aren’t always in a state of crisis as they are in hospitals and things kind of slow down.

This is not to say that home health isn’t important. But as a soon to be young, new graduate nurse who’s passion is critical care, the diseases and high intensity environment is what I’ve grown to love. And that is one of the core reasons I chose to do this study abroad: to challenge myself to get back to the art of nursing.

Nursing is caring and caring is nursing. Nursing is all about caring for other people in all different walks of life. While those hardcore nursing skills are incredible to perform, I feel like it’s easy to forget how impactful smaller moments mean. How much it could mean to hold someone’s hand when they can’t remember who they are. How comforting a small foot rub is when putting on their socks. How soothing kind words can be when their loved one is going through hard times. How much joy can be brought by washing their hair and making them feel beautiful. It’s in the showers, helping someone getting dressed and letting them know that you are there for them whenever they need you that means the most.

Caring is in both the small and big moments and in home health, you get a lot of opportunities to make the smallest moments seem enormous. You are invited to enter someone’s safe haven and I think that, in it of itself, is beautiful. So thank you Buurtzorg, for reminding me of the art of nursing and showing me how to make every moment feel meaningful for my clients.


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