My daily routine

It is official: I am officially on the three week countdown of my study abroad experience. As it gets closer, my schedule gets busier as I move through the final 200 hours of my clinical requirement. This, along with lack of time to do as many adventures, has made it harder to write a blog every two days so I’ll be writing every 3-4 days from here on.

This part of the study abroad trip was the part I couldn’t stop asking more about so I am going to tell what my days typically look like!

0700- Wake up call. I bike everywhere to my clients and I like to start off the day with a nice breakfast. I say nice, but its a rotation between oatmeal, eggs, and bread with nutella, depending on if I actually wake up at 7.

0800- 1130- Client visitation. I am not taking care of my own clients and it ranges from 5-7 per day. For the first week and a half I was with this home health agency, I went around with my preceptor. He observed the client’s that I clicked with and we formed the schedule from there. Most of them have some English speaking capacity but some of them don’t and they still like me to care for them. Guess I make funny enough of faces haha!

1130- Back to the main office for charting. At my location, the nurses document on an iPad and have their own access code. Because of limited resources, I do not get my own so I go back to the office and chart on the computer. Translator app at the ready, I type out my report on each client in Dutch and then ask a coworker to correct the sentence structure

1300-1400- End of the day with clinicals! 2-3 days of the week I also work the evening shift in addition to the morning one and that goes from 1800-2200. I enjoy taking this one because it allows me to work with other nurses and see more clients other than the ones I see in the day.

The rest of the evening is spent making dinner, showering and writing up these blogs! I have been studying for my boards here and there and have set the plan to travel somewhere on the weekends within the Netherlands. Most recently I went to Keukenhof and Amsterdam so stay tuned for next week’s adventure!


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