To the soon to be new graduate

Even though I had promised to write about money management, this was on my mind today. Life seems all set up for you when you go to college. You are told you are pursuing a higher education and are made to think that, as a result,  you are promised a better life. That as soon as you graduate degree in hand, you’ll be snatched up for a job and make thousands of dollars. I’m here to tell you that this is false. Life is never that easy and this  has been very heavy on my heart  the last few days.

All of my life, I have worked very hard in school and work to both better myself and get a job I am passionate about when I graduate. I was not born with the gift to look or write something down once and know the material. No, I re read the same things and do the same flashcards for hours on end to understand one concept. I’ve worked very hard for everything in my life, including the past two and a half years in my nursing program. There is a nursing shortage throughout the country and I thought it would be easy to find a job. Again, also wrong.

Now I don’t know if it’s being abroad that makes it harder or the fact that there aren’t many new graduate programs but it has been immensely difficult to coordinate it all. I applied for my dream position and found out two days ago that I did not even make the cut off for them to give my application a second glance.  This really took a toll and knocked me off my feet. I thought I had a chance. After all, hard work is supposed to pay off right? I couldn’t help but thinking that this wasn’t how it was supposed to go and I blamed myself. However, I aimed for the top of the hay pile and I can’t compare myself to those standards, especially as a new graduate.

But I think hearing that no allowed me to do a self-chefk.  It made me realise that simply having a degree and contacts in the right places is not going to get you a job right away. There is no “magic one-application does all policy” and you have to work really really hard to get what you want.  You have to market yourself and do what you have to do until you can do what you dream of. For me, I am immensely passionate about my career of being a Registered Nurse and I know I will find a job somewhere within the next few months but it’s also terrifying. It wasn’t as easy as I thought and it is something that I just have to tackle head on.

So for my new graduate friends, just know that rejection comes with the process. The real world is a scary and competitive place so don’t let failure keep you down. You have worked hard for where you are and I think that hard work needs to be acknowledged too.

To quote one of my best friends (shout out to Edel): “Life doesn’t always give you what you want, but it gives you what you need”.


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