Last day of Internationalisation!

Today was it, it was the day: My last final of my undergraduate career. EVER. Last semester I made all these claims that this was the last one but little did I know, I had one more to conquer during my study abroad trip. 96 questions, True or False, and I was out the door.

As a celebration, our classmates invited us out to go and get a drink. It was about 10 am and thankfully they meant coffee (despite my initial reaction, following a final and all). We went to this place in the city centre and talked about any and everything. It is the first time I’ve been able to joke around like I would at home with Dutch people and it was very refreshing! Turns out I think I’m just as funny in a different country as I think I am back home.

As our meal was finishing up, it dawned on me how close I had gotten to know these people. Even though I didn’t get to know all of them, our discussions in lecture we’re always very open and honest. Together we had talked politics, religion, views on life and death, prioritisation in government systems and of course, healthcare. We’ve cried, we’ve laughed, and talked about things I don’t even talk to some of my closest friends about. I truly felt connected with them and of course, the friends I make are all about to embark to a different country.

They are going to places like Bali, South Africa, Australia and even the Philippines,! I am incredibly excited for them and eagerly await to see their pictures about their travels. Best of luck to my classmates, go and take on the world!


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