As I mentioned a few days ago, I just got back from our holiday in which Bailey and I went to London and Paris. This one is about specifically Paris and pardon any typos, tangents, or more cheesy jokes than usual as this is also our midterm week and I have not had much sleep this week! But here is everything that we did for 3/9 days of our trip!

The Excursions: Heart of Paris 

We took an overnight greyhound  (called FlixBus here) to CDG Airport in Paris. The CDG airport is one of the most frequently used ones but fun fact, it is actually an hour away by train to the “heart of Paris” (aka the eiffel tower and touristy things I wanted to spend my money on). So we hopped on the train half delirious from lack of sleep (because who can really get comfortable on there, right?), and we arrived in the heart of this town. May I just say, the sheer amount of art and architecture was enough to make me stand in awe numerous times. Someone hand crafted a slab of marble with metal tools and formulated a work of art; that’s just incredible.

Once we got off of the train we got our crepe with Nutella (of course)! While we were eating it, we quite literally were asking where the eiffel tower was and then we turned a corner and BAM. There it was, just… there. One of the 7 wonders of the world right in front of our faces; it almost wasn’t real. However, as the closer we got the more realistic it became and I opted to sit in the grass and just take it all in as the sun was rising. I think seeing the 7 wonders of the world is now on my bucket list because each one of them truly are a wonder that makes you stop and stare.

Now prior to coming to Paris, we had pre booked a Big Bus Tour for this city so after our awe was halfway done, we walked on over to our bus! The awe continued. Here we were driven to all of the landmarks I had learned about in history and French class. We walked on the Champs-Élysées swhere Napoleon, Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway stood. We went underneath the Arc De Triumphe and were told about guillotine locations where thousands were beheaded. We walked inside art museums and inside the theatre that inspired Phantom of the Opera. I felt like I was inside a living history book and I am so humbled to have gone.

The Excursions: Disneyland!

Once we got back to central Paris and made our way to our hotel, we just about collapsed in relief to have our backpacks off. Snoozeville soon followed but no sleeping in for us AS THE NEXT DAY WAS DISNEYLAND (my excitement still has not gone down). Tickets in Paris are much much cheaper and they are currently having a sale on them as it is the 25th anniversary of their park! It only cost $140 USD for both of us for a one day park hopper (that’s not even a one day park hopper for one in Disneyland California). Our hotel was affiliated with the park itself so we hopped on our free shuttle and were there when the park opened at 9 am. Off to Sleeping Beauty castle we went and I headed underneath as they have a dragon under there!

Main Street Paris was as magical as one could expect. Shops, balloons, people, screaming children and stressed parents, the works! They had their city hall, meet and greets with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy right at the entrance and that was before you even reached the rides! Bailey and I decided to go on the ones that they did not have in the United States, including Crush’s Coaster, Ratoutille, and their version of Indiana Jones (which did not include a jeep)!

They hold one parade a day and a fireworks show at the end and I teared up. Disney is a very special thing to me as it makes me stop and think that life comes from the small things in life. A story may start out bad and with the odds against you but at some point, in some way, things will get better and a lesson will be learned and it makes me believe in this. I lit up when I saw the mini Cinderella’s  and Tiana’s and swelled with joy at their smiles once I called them Princess. Disneyland spares no expense, forgets no details and leaves you with a little more magic in your step when you leave. 🙂


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