Multicultural class cook-off!


Disclaimer: It wasn’t actually a cook off and Gordon Ramsay did not attend (sorry to disappoint). It was, however, a class in which we all cooked different traditional meals based off of where each one of us were traveling to for our internships! Seeing as mine is in the Netherlands, it was only suiting that Bailey, Zayna and I cook some good ol’ Dutch food! Other countries featured were the Philippines, Australia, South Africa and Indonesia!

We all split up into our groups and I felt like I was in cupcake wars for a second trying to grab the stuff that we needed. Our recipe was essentially mashed potatoes but not the ones I am used to! Our process went as follows!

We used almost a bag of potatoes and put them into two separate pots to boil and threw a bag of carrots in. We then sautéed a pre-minced onion and waited for our potatoes to be done. The moment came and we emptied out potatoes and peeled half of them (fun fact, if you rinse them under cold water immediately after boiling, the skin falls right off. Who knew!).

Two of us took mashing duty and we added in the onions, fried up some chives and added those in too. Let’s not forget butter (and lots of it) plus a little salt and pepper and bam! We were done! We then cooked up some sausage and left it on a side dish in case anyone did not want meat!

Our classmates kept coming up and asking us what we were making and they eventually deemed it “Stamppot” and it actually is something they eat all the time (score!). And turns out, it is actually very very delicious!

The feast began and there was a wide variety of foods available such as : veggie spring rolls, beef spring rolls, some form of cookie, beijing beef (or at least that is exactly what it tasted like), a fried veggie tortilla looking thing and many other spices & dips! Aside from a full belly, I learned how important it is to research and learn the country you are visiting, especially their food! I would’ve never of thought to make a dish like this and I am so so glad I did!


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