The “Uni”

Today I decided that I wanted to talk about my courses. Sophia, my friend from the United Kingdom, refers to our university as the Uni so I decided to embrace my inner British and follow by her example. Even though the dutch refer to it as a university as well, it is all well and sounds fancier.

The education system (specifically second-hand as they call it here) is entirely different from what I was raised with. I have talked about this before but I never once addressed how the set up, content, and even buildings are different!

Let’s begin with their desks. They like to have an outer square of desk that are just individual tables with chairs. Once this is formed, all other desks are placed on the inside of giant square and that’s where people that are late sit. I don’t know if that is because everyone seeks to sit in the back and by the outlets like I do but we all seem to be on the same page: avoid the center.

Secondly, the university is divided up into different buildings. This I am used to but in a different sense. I’m used to there being a Nursing Building, a Liberal Arts Building, a Science building but nope: I’m in the international building where every international course is held. This building I am in is divided into sections A, C, B and D. These are not in order because they are not placed in order, all the “sub sections” have no rhyme nor reason to them and it took me a solid few days to figure out where each one was.

Finally, the courses. We were not given a syllabus, an assignment layout or even anything much more than where to find our first class. From there, it was a whirlwind because, guess what, they still didn’t give us any of those things. I’ve had to figure out where my classes are by deciphering an online “Rooster” as they call it, figure out that each class is taught by someone new and they will all talk about different topics, and they won’t tell you about the assignments until that day and then act all surprised when we have the confused student expression on our face.

I talked earlier about dealing with the unknown and this, this is it. After two weeks, I can confidently say I know where A,C, B and D are at and while the location of my courses change every day, at least I know which building I’m in.


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