Valentines Day

Celebrating holidays 8 hours earlier than everyone else is pretty darn goofy to me. Especially when you had gone to two classes, biked 3 miles, ate a sandwich and a bowl of soup by the time everyone you know is waking up. I know in all actuality it is not an additional 8 hours from what everyone else gets but I feel like a time traveler nonetheless.

Courses are going good! The education system is different from the United States in it that classes are rarely ever in format I’m used to which is: Show up- Take notes from presentation- Potty break- Leave. Amidst the potty breaks, they hardly ever use a powerpoint or other presentation to teach their lesson. It is all discussion!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk and one of my favorite things (and reasons I came here) is to learn all about another country and see how it compares to the United States. And today was good as we finally touched upon my favorite subject: healthcare. Everyone in the classes with us are so willing to share what is positive about their system, what is negative, and where they wish it would be. It is even more interesting as our class is composed of students who will be traveling to other countries to complete their internships, just like I am completing mine. They are going to Africa, the Philippines, Australia and even Indonesia! So not only do I get to learn about the Netherlands, I get these bonus added countries to learn about too!

How neat 🙂


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