Super Bowl Sunday… on Monday!


Greetings! A bit has happened in the last couple days but of all first sites, watching the Super Bowl 8 hours later on the internet has been one of the most interesting things!

First off, I had to avoid social media like the plague and despite my efforts, one snap said it all. This did not discourage me from watching the highlights and yelling at the screen as I normally do! What a game! And this one was especially unique as I got to watch the last bit with my friend Ellis who is from England! Her American friends were Patriots fans so I had to quickly educate her that most of America did not want them to win because they ALWAYS win.  Ellis then compared them to some popular “football” team here and changed who she was rooting for.

It is interesting to watch and participate in one of my beloved traditions from a different country. There was no party, no chips and dip and certainly no screaming fans (aside from myself). But it made me feel apart of my country and I took pride in our traditions after spending all day learning about Nijmegen’s!


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