Why did I chose to do this?

Hello friends, family and random internet users who have stumbled upon my blog! My name is Rachel and I have decided to take upon an academic adventure to the Netherlands to complete the last semester of my undergraduate degree. There were two options available for my class to finish their final semester: at a location of their choice or the Netherlands via an exchange program with a local university here. After traveling and living in a little mountain town for the last three and a half years for school and receiving a generous amount of grants and scholarships this year, I decided to continue my sense for adventure and put in an application for the Netherlands. Well, I must’ve said and wrote something correctly because I was accepted!

There were only two spots open for this preceptorship location so you can imagine my shock when I read I was accepted! That was the only thing though, shock. I was expecting to be jumping out of my seat with excitement but I was immediately met with overwhelming anxiety and feelings of disbelief. How was I going to pay for this? What if something goes wrong while I’m over there? I just leaned how to live in this country, how can I learn how to live there within three months? The faculty in my department saw that I could do this and represent my university well and the shock turned into excitement. The weeks passed and with the support of my friends, partner and family, I decided to swallow my fears, look up with confidence that I can do this and I booked my plane ticket.

Since that moment, I have had a rollercoaster of emotions about my study abroad experience which made me think about why I wanted to do my preceptorship over here. Traveling abroad has been on of my collegiate goals since I was a freshman but due to the narrow margin of courses offered in my degree plan, I have not had the opportunity to study abroad(and I thought I never would). I have a passion for healthcare and helping others in, arguably, their most vulnerable states. I am humbled everytime someone allows me to take care of them and I wanted to know how healthcare operated in a different country. Coming from the United States where millions are without health insurance, obesity runs ramped and health is seen as a luxury, I wanted to see how the Netherlands approached it. I want to come back with the knowledge and experience to help make changes wherever I end up working at to help patients and families for the better

While I am over here,I will be completing the final 200 hours needed to test for my RN Certification at local hospitals and community sites. I will be achieving an internationalization minor as well and meeting people from all over the world! I will keep you, my internet friends, updated on this journey as I go through it! So time to pack my bags, hop on those planes, and take off!


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