Navigating Nijmegen!


Bailey and I had finally arrived after 20 hours of travel to this beautiful city of Nijmegen! We stumbled our way through the airport and let me be the first to say: They are the yellow booths. Select the center city and look at the screen to see what gate you are at.

We got lost and took the “lift” down to station 2 when we needed to be at 3 and like our hustle to the plane, we made it with Dutch spewing off in the background announcements. Once we arrived to our destination, representatives from our university met us there! We were greeted, driven to our housing community, got our keys, and arrived at our homes for the next three months!

I eagerly unpacked my luggage full of shoes and clothes and was full of excitement to tell my family and friends I had arrived. I was then encountered with two problems: one, it was 1 am back where I was from and two, the only internet connection available was via ethernet cord and my computer was without a port.

WHAT KIND OF COMPUTER DOESN’T HAVE AN ETHERNET PORT. Apple, I was very mad at you. With the help of exchange students that studied at my university last semester and our “buddies”, they told me the name of the store. Defeated and exhausted after being up for two days, I sucked it up and paid $50 in data for the night.

The next day was spent at our university at the “International Welcome Day” they hosted for all 70 international students! I met students from London, Amsterdam and Greece and learned all about the Dutch culture. I learned that buses only can break 20 euros and I learned the proper way to eat a croissant. I learned how passionate other countries are about U.S. affairs and I learned how to stay up when it was 3 am where I was from.

With Bailey and three of our new friends, we travelled to the city center and I found my $40 converter cord for my computer to allow me to use an ethernet cord. Pro tip: Check to see if your computer has an ethernet port before traveling 6,000 miles away where your amazon does not work.  We got groceries, explored, picked up some necessities and traveled back for the night. I am now content, with wifi, and classes will begin Monday!


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