Getting ready for take off!

Oh boy,that month and a half from the time fall semester ended to the day before my departure sure did pass by quick. Here is a quick recap on my last 6 weeks in America before I left!

As soon as classes ended in the second week of December, my boyfriend Brandon and I had planned to see as many people as I could before I left. We traveled to Colorado to spend time with my parents for Christmas and New Years Day and spent the remaining time at his parents house in Arizona before we spent some time together back at our university. We got to spend time in the snow, lounge around in my parent’s cabin, see movies and do everything we had wanted to do with friends, family, and ourselves before I left!

It was nice to see everyone as the days ticked down to my departure date. I got to talk about the past, keep updated on their and my future, and get some helpful advice about traveling abroad. I gathered my supplies and my best friend’s mom graciously let me stay with her before I left as I had moved out of my apartment at my university.

It was now January 29th and it was time to say the dreaded “See you later” to Brandon. The ride to his drop off point seemed like time was going in slow motion. This is the second time I had to say this for 3 months and we are both hoping it is our last. He was my biggest encourager to pursue this once in a lifetime opportunity and for that I am grateful. If you didn’t think I was going to write about you, you were wrong my fellow and 89 days will pass before we know it!



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