And away we go!


It was time to go! February 1st came and the next thing I knew, I was being driven to the airport at 7:30 am sharp to catch my first flight! Here I met up with the other student accepted into the exchange program, Bailey, and we anxiously awaited our flight! We were traveling to LAX, from there to Amsterdam and there to our final city, Nijmegen!

What good travel experience goes as planned right? Within 20 minutes of sitting outside of our terminal, Bailey received a notification that our flight to LAX was now delayed by 5 and a half hours. That’s right, FIVE AND A HALF HOURS. We had already notified our university that we would be arriving at 9am locally in order to catch a ride with them to our housing and this set us to arrive at 2pm. I instantly jumped onto the closest Delta phone and explained our dilemma.

I just have to thank Delta as they instantly got us onto the next flight out of there, with us flying to Georgia instead of LAX. The representative got us both switched over and we now only have 40 minutes to get across one of the largest airports in the world. In addition, we were no longer sitting next to each other and I was sitting in the near back of the plane on both of our upcoming flights. My mantra of  “It’s fine, everything is fine” kicked in and I refused to let this get to me. We buckled our boots and boarded our plane because I was just thankful we still had one.

The first flight was smooth. I sat next to some nice people and I watched my Disney movies in peace. The plane landed and it was go time. We of COURSE landed in the terminal farthest away from the international terminal with 40 minutes until our flight left and to remind you,  I was in the back of the plane. The row in front of me graciously allowed me to leave ahead of them and I ran. I ran through 35 gates and hopped on the train. 6 terminals later, two hurt shins and more heavy breathing than I care to admit, I arrived at the gate just as they announced “Last call to Amsterdam”!

Call it luck, call it cardio, but we both made it. We both now had middle seats on opposite sides of the plane (me, once again, in the back), but I buckled up and made small talk with the people beside me. One was an aspiring doctor and the other going on a trip to see Orphans his church had been funding so if either of you stumble upon this, I hope you both arrived safely!

Once again, flight was great and I got dinner, breakfast and non-stop entertainment with the screen in front of me.


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